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Men's Health

We specialize in providing effective solutions for low testosterone, erectile disfunction, male pattern baldness, and obesity in a judgement-free zone. Our practice offers effective home-based therapy and office-based remedies. Find a personalized treatment that is specifically geared to help you lose weight in a healthy and timely fashion. These include the option to take the pharmaceutical route or a diet based therapy. If you are suffering from any of these issues, make an appointment to come and see us today!


Medical Cannabis Authorization

We are proud to be one of the only Internal Medicine practices in Utah authorized to recommend medical cannabis to men and women. In order to qualify, you must be suffering from a diagnosis that can be legally remedied with cannabis. Our practice is well informed on the policies and steps required for new patients to receive this type of treatment. We remain commited to recommending medical cannabis in the most lawful and appropriate manner possible.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

To live the long and healthy life you deserve, you will need routine monitoring of your hormone levels and chronic medical issues. We proudly offer hormone therapy services specifically for those transitioning to ensure that you can live the highest quality of life possible. The proper solution begins with the right consultation to make effective use of this type of therapy. We understand that this can be an involved process that requires an expert base of knowledge and experience to perform successfully. Trust in us to be there for you every step of the way as a source of support.


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