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Why Erectile Dysfunction Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of.
January 15, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Find judgement-free treatment for erectile dyfunction at a clinic in Millcreek and improve your relationships.

Our Millcreek clinic explains why erectile dysfunction is nothing to feel shame about for men. No matter your age or overall health, erectile dysfunction can affect you. There is a range of reasons a man might experience ED and an array of treatments. The most crucial step for any man to take is to admit there’s something wrong. Shame keeps many people from discussing their erectile dysfunction with a doctor–sometimes for years. If you’re struggling with ED, you may find comfort in knowing that millions of men in America deal with erectile dysfunction every day.

With so many treatment options available, letting go of the shame surrounding ED is the most significant step you can take to finding a remedy that works for you.

Common myths about erectile dysfunction.

In recent decades, with the availability of prescription medications, discussing erectile dysfunction has become less taboo. These days, you see advertisements for medications aired during prime time television. Regardless of the high-profile of prescription drug advertising, there’s still a lot of disinformation surrounding ED.

  1. It only happens to older men: There’s a cultural perception that only men of a specific age experience ED. It does become more common as you age, but men can experience it at any stage in their life.
  2. It means you’re disinterested in sex: Erectile dysfunction and desire are in no way connected. ED is a physical condition unrelated to arousal.
  3. It’s all in your head: Occasionally, erectile dysfunction may relate to underlying psychological issues, but when a physical problem causes it, it requires a medical solution.
  4. Erectile dysfunction isn’t an indicator of your overall health: In fact, ED may be the first sign you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Caught early, you can treat these conditions more easily.

The most critical thing to know is that a doctor can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate erectile dysfunction information. Shame causes many people to trust something they’ve heard in pop culture, from friends, or online. Scheduling a consultation with a doctor at our Millcreek clinic about erectile dysfunction is the best way to find out the truth about the condition.

Letting go of shame is the first step towards treatment.

Untreated erectile dysfunction can affect your relationship and happiness. Many men avoid intimacy and withdraw from their relationships because of the shame they feel regarding ED. Worrying about what’s going on with your body can cause you to become distracted, irritable, and anxious.

Many men suffer needlessly, avoiding the doctor and hoping that the issue will go away on its own. But, things rarely work that way. With a doctor’s help, treating ED may be simple and they can provide a straightforward resolution.

The Mount Olympus Healthcare Millcreek clinic goes beyond erectile dysfunction to address a wide range of men’s health issues; male pattern baldness, low testosterone, and obesity. We provide judgment-free support and treatment. Instead of letting shame dictate your body’s health and wellness, get in touch with a healthcare provider who cares about your wellness.

Make an appointment at our Millcreek clinic for erectile dysfunction and experience healthcare that genuinely cares.

Every new patient at Mount Olympus Healthcare starts with a one-hour consultation. We take the time to get to know our patients and their concerns instead of rushing through insurance questions and hurrying to a diagnosis. No one enjoys going to the doctor, and it’s difficult to be forthright with your worries while you feel hurried through the appointment.

When you bring your concerns about erectile dysfunction to our Millcreek clinic, you’ll never feel as though we’re brushing over your concerns, or leaving them unheard. We’re invested in your wellness; if you’re ready for a different kind of healthcare, make an appointment today.