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5 things to ask your doctor at a men’s health clinic in Salt Lake City
February 12, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 things to ask your doctor at a men’s health clinic in Salt Lake City

It’s common to visit a new doctor and not know what questions you should ask. In fact, there are times when you visit a new doctor knowing exactly what you want to ask, but you get nervous and forget. This can be especially true when you visit a men’s health clinic in Salt Lake City for the first time. At Mount Olympus Healthcare, Dr. Danny Wightman wants to help you feel comfortable in a judgment-free zone. Keep reading for five things to ask your doctor.

When do I need to start getting a prostate exam?

The long-time standard for getting your first prostate exam is age 50. However, this isn’t the current standard. If you have a history of prostate cancer in your family, it’s best to start getting screened earlier. PSA (prostate-specific antigen) screening can start as early as age 40 if you have a family history of prostate cancer and are African American. Even if you have no family history and aren’t African American, it’s becoming more common to start screening at age 45.

Should I be concerned about frequent restroom visits?

Frequent urination can be caused by a number of things. Drinking a lot of fluids like alcohol or caffeine can lead to more trips to the restroom. Although, if you don’t feel like you drink excessive fluids or your frequent urination is disruptive to your day or your sleep, there could be a problem. This could be caused by a number of health conditions that include infection, kidney dysfunction, or even an enlarged prostate. A doctor at a men’s health clinic can help determine the cause of this issue.

Am I healthy enough to exercise?

If you don’t already exercise regularly, it’s important to know whether or not your body is healthy enough to handle the stress. Your doctor can perform a complete exam to evaluate your overall health. Conditions like heart disease or a chronic injury can be exacerbated by exercise. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure.

What health risks do I have because of my family history?

Even if you’re nothing like your family in your daily habits or healthy regimen, your genes are the same. This means that you could be predisposed to develop a condition like type 2 diabetes or experience a heart attack. Be sure to give your doctor a complete family medical history so they can properly evaluate and screen you for hereditary diseases.

Am I sexually healthy?

No man wants to talk to his doctor about sexual dysfunction. It can be an embarrassing thing to admit and an awkward conversation to have. However, a men’s health clinic is adept at treating such conditions and won’t judge you for having this common condition. You can comfortably speak with your doctor about sexual dysfunction and work together to find the root of the problem as well as a solution. Furthermore, it’s an important conversation to have because it can be the result of diabetes, heart disease, or even a long-term side effect from smoking. Having a difficult conversation about erectile dysfunction could be the first step to identifying a life-threatening disease.

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