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5 Factors That Cause Hair Loss from Salt Lake City’s Premier Men’s Health Clinic
October 20, 2020 at 11:00 PM
Mount Olympus Healthcare are a judgement-free men's clinical practice in Millcreek focused on tackling common health issues men face everyday such as hair loss or male pattern baldness.

At Mount Olympus Healthcare, we are a judgement-free men’s clinical practice in Millcreek, Utah focused on tackling common health issues men face everyday. One such issue we regularly treat clients for: hair loss or male pattern baldness.

Many men find themselves in distress over the onset of hair loss and are embarrassed to seek treatment. But what they may fail to realize is that there are preventative measures they can take to avoid hair loss and curtail the effects of male pattern baldness.

If you are suffering from hair loss or male pattern baldness, know that you are not alone. According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the age of thirty-five two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss, and by the age of fifty, approximately 85% of men will have significantly thinning hair. With such a large portion of the population faced with this affliction, understanding the symptoms and preventative measures you can take are paramount to getting the most out of your hair.

Below, we’ll discuss five factors that contribute to male hair loss.

5 factors that contribute to male hair loss

1. Genetics & Age

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to general cases of hair loss and male pattern baldness is genetics. Unfortunately, if it runs in your family, chances are you will experience hair loss at some stage in your life. Another contributing factor is your age. As men grow older and their hormones change, they become more susceptible to the pesky effects of thinning hair and hair loss.

If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, there are prescription tablets, lotions, or even hair transplants that can alleviate the effects of male pattern baldness. The team at Mount Olympus Healthcare would be happy to walk you through your options.

2. Lifestyle

Another major factor contributing to hair loss in men across the U.S. is lifestyle choices. From smoking to diet, there are a number of ways you can adjust your lifestyle to prevent or postpone the effects of hair loss. Here are a few examples of the most common culprits:

  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Obesity

3. Skin Conditions

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common, relatively harmless skin condition that causes an itchy rash with flaky scales. It can also be called dandruff or cradle cap, and has been known to cause hair loss in large patches on the head.

Psoriasis is another skin condition that can be mistaken for dandruff because of the large white flakes it leaves behind. As with seborrheic dermatitis, Psoriasis can damage hair follicles leading to temporary hair loss.

4. Medical Conditions and Diseases

In addition to the skin conditions listed above, there are also a number of medical conditions that can cause either temporary or permanent hair loss. Examples include:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Ringworm
  • Graves' Disease
  • Lupus
  • Affects of Chemotherapy

5. Poor Hair Maintenance

Lastly, and perhaps the most preventable of all hair loss factors, is your daily hair care routine. From chemical treatments, to tight hairstyles, there are a number of ways you can inadvertently be causing early onset hair loss.

As with anything, weighing your risks against your personal lifestyle and experience requirements will help you and your doctor decide on a treatment plan.

We’re here to help

Mount Olympus is a unique clinical practice that cuts the path to elevated health. We are based in Millcreek and are proud to serve the Salt Lake City community. We are committed to tackling the common issues men face, such as hair loss and male pattern baldness, in a non-judgemental, compassionate environment.

If you would like to book a consultation with us or to learn more, please contact us today.