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3 benefits of using a men's health clinic in Utah
April 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 benefits of using a men's health clinic in Utah

It’s not uncommon to be self-conscious or unwilling to talk about men’s health. Whether you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or feeling the side effects of low testosterone, a men’s health clinic in Utah can provide you with the necessary treatment and alternative therapy to get you feeling like yourself again. If you’re not sure a men’s health specialist is right for you, we have three benefits of visiting us at Mount Olympus Healthcare.

Specialty treatments

We’re all different. Because of this, treating men’s health problems isn’t solved with a one-size-fits-all approach. At Mount Olympus Healthcare, we understand that you need therapy that’s meant to fit your individual needs. Dr. Danny Wightman will find a therapy method that fits you.

Among available therapy options, Dr. Wightman can prescribe hormone replacement therapy or cannabis as he deems necessary. Whichever path he deems necessary for your treatment, it will be a decision that is reached after careful consideration of your symptoms and unique circumstances.

Mount Olympus Healthcare is one of the only medical practices in the state that is authorized to recommend medical cannabis to its patients. We have a solid understanding of the benefits and risks that come with this type of treatment.

Focused practice

When you visit an everyday internal medicine doctor, you’re visiting someone who might have just treated a patient for allergies or another for a common cold. When you visit Mount Olympus Healthcare, you’ll be treated for your men’s health issues like a man. Our practice specializes in treating men who are dealing with low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, obesity, and much more. Because we deal specifically with these issues, our team makes it a point to stay up to date on current and emerging treatment options as well as growing health concerns that men deal with.

Unique perspective

As previously mentioned, men's health is what we do at Mount Olympus Healthcare. This means that as a men’s health clinic in Utah, we see more unique cases that affect men’s health than a family doctor typically will. Our perspective allows us to provide a different avenue of treatment and advice than what you would receive at your typical doctor’s office. We’re proud to offer our patients new and innovative treatment that gives them a chance to experience life as they would like. Whether this means helping treat male pattern baldness, obesity, or ED, our team has your best interests in mind.

Furthermore, you get the attention that you deserve by visiting a men’s health clinic in Utah. When you visit a family doctor, you might get 15 minutes to speak with your doctor about your overall health as they check off boxes that insurance companies want to see. It’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable with the pace and timing of a traditional doctor visit. Dr. Wightman makes it a point to give patients all the time they need to address any health concerns they might have. He wants to make sure that he’s able to help you reach the best version of yourself.

Schedule an appointment

Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment with Mount Olympus Healthcare. We’re your men’s health clinic in Utah that can help you unlock your potential and restore your health. Give our team a call today at 801-980-7755 or send us a message using our online contact form. We’re a no-judgment zone that wants to help you feel comfortable bringing any of your questions and concerns to our providers.